Tuesday, September 30, 2014

alhamdullilah with everything

hye alls...

suddenly feel free to write down something here...actually tak la free sangatkan sebab ada assigment tiga puluh timbun nak kena buat tapi tiba-tiba ter"on" blog nie dan rasa nak drop something after a year jugak la rasanya tak mencarut kat sini...ngehngeh...mesti dah tak ada orang view pun blog nie sebab dah lamakan bersara dari dunie blogger since ada instagram la, twitter la dan lain-lain lagi...rasanya manusia yang gigih ja lagi yang stay dengan dunia blogger nie...hurmm...=.=" 

btw...after a year...many things happened to me...i'm very grateful to all those kind of things that happened...i already got my degree scroll with first class honour...i continuing my study at UKM in master psychology which is the course that i ever dreams since i'm 14 years old...i already got my driving license and alhamdullilah i just bought a car last month...i still together with my sayang muhamad ezrin from 1st august 2012 till now insyaAllah till jannah (please pray for our happiness)...i also traveled a lots with my family including Vietnam, Sabah, Langkawi and many other places...so i can concluded that everything going smooth and lovely in my awesome life...Alhamdullilah...Alhamdullilah....(^.^)   

kanak-kanak psiko
master student life

i'll drop here again if i have a free time in future...ngehngeh...(^_^)